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Publisher of resource handbooks for the blind and visually impaired communities.

Welcome! My name is Christine Chaikin and I am the founder of Insightful Publications. 

Large amounts of my time are spent searching the web, so I will be the first person to acknowledge the overwhelming task of successfully finding information on the Internet, especially when using a screen reader. It is for this reason that I set out to compile a consolidated list of useful information specifically geared toward the blind and visually impaired user.

This includes information about employment, one of the main issues facing the blind and visually impaired communities. The unemployment rate among this group is in the 70th percentile! This figure combined with my own struggles trying to find work due to transportation issues and hesitant employers necessitates the requirement for help in this area.

All I can hope is that this page incites you to keep working toward your goals and to persevere through the rough patches in life that we all inevitably face.

This website is a continuous work in progress, growing daily to fully assist those whom it is meant to serve. I do not receive any monetary considerations from any of the companies, organizations or individuals listed in these handbooks.




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